Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 96: Cinco de Mayo is a Month Away

So, I'm not really sure what to write about today. I'm feeling a little random or something like that. I noticed that it's April 5, so that made me think that Cinco de Mayo is a month away. That's the kind of thing I'll think about sometimes.

I have a couple things on my mind.

1. I'm really glad I made it through my workday, and am anxious to get to bed at a good hour because I have an even longer workday tomorrow. I wasn't feeling well yesterday, and I'm still not all that chipper today. But I'll take it. I think a good night's rest without a little Nink in my bed will do me some good.

2. My husband's first official endorsement for his book came through today. This is such a neat experience. You can read it here. You can like it here. I am so proud, and I think this whole thing is so so cool. I am so grateful for this whole publishing experience, and I pray that people are blessed by what Casey has written.

3. Norah's attitude towards her dad hasn't been very pleasant. It's gone beyond just favoring me, and it's been a burden on my heart. It seems that today she has finally lightened up on this bad attitude. Obviously she has to prove that I'm still her favorite- at least for now- but there's been a bit of a turnaround. I am so thankful for that.

4. What am I going to write about on Day 100?! Should it be just like any other day? Or should I write something kind of different? Triple digits. I've actually stuck with this for nearly 100 days. Even if I have put a couple days together here and there, I have still been practicing what I have intended to do every single day, and that is to make a conscience effort to find the grace gifts from God in every single day. This is a very cool thing. I'm pretty pumped- as pumped as I can be and be feeling this tired.... I digress.


After all these things that I think about, Lord, there is only one response.
So my words are few.
Thank You.

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