Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 103: Happy Birthday to Me


I have been given thirty years on this earth as of today. It sounds old, but it really isn't. I have a ways to go, should the Lord have that for me.

I'm thankful that today is a day that I can look back on the years gone by and the blessings I have. Every good thing is from my Heavenly Father, and so it is only fitting that I think upon those things today.

1. I have Christ.
2. I have a family in Christ.
3. I have a husband who I love and who loves me.
4. I have Norah.
5. I have Haddon.
6. I have a mom who means so much to me.
7. I have a birth mother who gave me life.
8. I have a sister.
9. I have brothers because they are my husband's brothers.
10. I have sisters-in-law.
11. I have a grandmother who loves me like crazy.
12. I have nieces and nephews... 11 to be exact!
13. I have an extra mom, who is a great encouragement.
14. I have a dad, who stands in the gap for one who walked away.
15. I have a home.
16. I have a home in heaven.
17. I have godly pastors, both in my past and in my present.
18. I have daily bread.
19. I have a work family.
20. I have encouragement.
21. I have hope.
22. I have peace.
23. I have joy in the Lord.
24. I have been given a new heart.
25. I have things that I can enjoy.
26. I have all my needs met.
27. I have so many wants met.
28. I have laughter.
29. I have romance.
30. I have life abundantly.


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