Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 104: Meds, Strawberries, and a Chimichanga

I'm diabetic. We don't have health insurance until June 1. I ran out of medicine to regulate my diabetes a little while ago. I thought that I could maybe handle it with diet and exercise.

I can't.

So today I was able to go to the doctor, a new doctor, and get an Rx written (there's a lot of details as to why I had to do that, but I'll spare you) and filled.

I will tell you that I have been feeling just awful. My blood sugar levels have been elevated, and it's just plain awful. There is no better way to describe it. When it's like that, my moods are harder to control, and well, I just feel awful- get it? It's awful.

So today, things are reset, and it's getting better!

On another note, it's our turn to bring dessert, and so strawberries and angel food cake was a must. It is a diabetic friendly dessert, and just plain delicious.

AND we got to go out for my birthday, and I chose a local Mexican restaurant where I had a delightful chimichanga and cheese enchilada. Yum!

Thank You Lord for Your provision to get to a doctor, be able to pay for it, 
and to have given us the medical knowledge to treat diabetes. 
I thank You have I have diabetes for it is a constant reminder of weakness 
and that I am under the fall 
and in need of Your grace. 
Thank You for the different seasons and the delicious things that each season brings, 
like strawberries! 
Thank You that You have given us so many things to enjoy. 
I pray that I would enjoy things to Your glory recognizing Your grace 
in each delicious experience that I have.

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