Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 95: Sick Day

Early in the morning I was woken up by a scared newly-six-year-old who was ready to throw up. She did. I held her hair, and thus began our journey into a sick day. I woke up, having very little rest, feeling under the weather as well. So there we were, Norah and I, laid up. She was far worse off than I, but even so, it's not all that great to have two sickos in the house with no adult feeling well enough to care for the down 'n' out.

Then there was Haddon. Unscathed. He was patient as mommy laid around and was very little help to anyone really. He was kind and left his sister be. He was amazing. There was not one complaint or anything out of the boy's mouth. He just went with the sickly flow!

When daddy was up, he was so jazzed to have someone actually talk to him, and we saw all his energy come out. He was able to go with his dad for his favorite: "chicken 'n' chips". (Chicken nuggets and french fries.)

I am so so thankful that God gave our H-Bomb patience and understanding as his mommy and big sister didn't feel well. I am thankful for everyone in my family and the special gifts they bring to our home. Today I'm thankful for my son's spirit of contentedness.

Lord, thank You for who Haddon is, and for giving him the grace to
make it through our sick day.
 Thank You that he's not sick.
Thank You.

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