Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 206: Overflowing Cup

I am a blessed woman. Every day I walk this journey through life with my husband by my side, and our most recent chapter involves a book. As May approaches, he will be a published author, and in the process of getting to its release, he is given kind words of encouragement through endorsements, as well as friends and family being excited for him.

Today, he received an e-mail from his editor with an encouraging word from one of the proof readers and her impressions of the book. So far, I will say that this is the greatest endorsement he's had:

The depth of insight, the relentless God-centeredness, and the breadth of biblical understanding--it's wonderfully overpowering... I could imagine teaching someone how to do expositional Bible study with this book--it shows the obvious benefits of going deep in a text, just the text, and studying God in it, but also watching for common themes across scripture. Of course, it goes much further as well, revealing the careful study this writer has done, and that's what blows my mind--nearly every page offers some tremendous, riveting truth that makes me simply want to pause and marvel. Furthermore, its cultural applications seem rather timely with all the "emergent" press lately.

My cup overflows. I'm so thankful for this experience.

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