Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 99: In Which I Write of Fiber Bars and Fruit Snacks

It's been a crummy week. There. I said it, er, wrote it.

There has been broken sleep, sickness, crabby children, and thus crabby mom tends to follow. Every day has been a fight. I have lost my keys twice. Yeah, I can't find my keys tonight. I have absolutely no idea where they are. Every plan I have made has fallen through or has been sidetracked by something.

I have been brought to the point tonight of just total defeat.

Then I went to the grocery store for the third (yeah, third. Don't ask.) time today, and I knocked over a display of fiber bars and fruit snacks. I'll repeat that. I knocked over a display of fiber bars and fruit snacks. You see it on commercials as a joke or a gag on a sitcom. Me? I did it in real life.

It dawned on me in that moment as I'm on the floor almost laughing to myself (I say almost laughing because I was kind of too tired to laugh, and still pretty defeated) and picking up what I had ruined, that I've been taking myself and the circumstances of the week way too seriously. It's all just been such a silly week.

Everything has been so silly. The lack of sleep, the vomiting, the croupy cough, the lost keys. It's all just little stuff that has happened, and I'll just keep on going. It's no big deal. So the display got knocked over. It was picked up. It took 20 seconds. The world didn't crumble. And the world will not crumble if I don't get all the laundry done or the house spotless before I work again tomorrow. Just because I'm home most of the time now doesn't mean that it's going to work like it did before. And it's okay that adjusting to this new routine is harder than I expected.

It's okay. We'll figure it out. It's okay.

Lord, thank You for letting me knock over the fiber bars and fruit snacks. 

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