Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 102: Always a Day Behind

I got to have a date night with my husband last night by going to a Portland Trailblazers basketball game. It was a nice time. It's funny. When we got to the arena, I really wasn't all that excited to be there. I mean, if my husband turned to me and asked if I would mind if we just left, I would have been fine with that. But he didn't, and we stayed. It turned out to be a very fun game with some really fun plays.

It's nice to be able to go to something like that. It wasn't an expensive date, and for dinner, we didn't have anything fancy. But it was just nice to be out and about, enjoying a game. That's just a nice thing to do. We don't do that too often, and it's just nice that we did.

We had some friends watch the kids, and they were so attentive to them, and I'm glad that our children were able to spend that time with our friends. I hope that it was a mutual blessing for all!

Thank You Lord for times of recreation, for friends' willingness to help,
and for our children having a break from their mom and dad.
Thank You that they had obedient spirits and a fun time.

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