Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 324: Conference

Norah is my smart little cookie. It's always a blessing to hear what others say about her, because, like most children, she's super-duper good for them, even if she (ahem) isn't all the time for me. So it was no surprise that her teacher wished she could get three more like her in class, and that when I looked at the new seating arrangement, my girl was trusted to be put in the back row.

I think it was an encouragement to me because sometimes we parents get caught up in trying to make sure our children are being instructed properly. We want them to obey and we put forth so much time, effort and prayer to that end. We often get lost in the wondering if they will ever obey perfectly the first time, or ever stop whining.

The truth is, though, that they won't. Do I always obey my Heavenly Father? Do I always approach life with a happy heart?

What I can do for my children is instruct them in the Word, discipline them when it's appropriate, and trust the Lord to work in their hearts to trust in Him and follow Him. The Holy Spirit doesn't need my help, but I am humbled that I can be used in my children's sanctification.

Conferences like that remind me of these things. I'm not a hopeless mess of a parent, just human, a human who is a sinner in need of grace every single moment of every single day.

Father, be my fount of ever lasting grace. I need Thee every hour.

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