Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 314: Christmas Cards

"Christmas seems to come earlier every year."

Every year I hear this from someone. It never fails. I can count on it. I'm not sure I have an opinion one way or another. When I worked in retail clothing, it seemed as much, but now that I'm not out and about as much, I don't notice the moment that the Christmas decorations get put out.

That's okay with me. I like that I don't notice.

Today my friend and I worked on Christmas cards. I had made some this summer with my niece, and then made more at my open house. Then I got to thinking that I had already started, so why not just make all my Christmas cards this year? It's fun, and gives me something relaxing to do that allows for a creative outlet. So when my friend mentioned making cards, I suggested that we make some together.

It's like big girl play time!

We watched that last portion of Pride and Prejudice (the A&E version, of course), and worked on making fun cards with her ginormous collection of wonderful scrap booking paper.

My kids played and really behaved quite well while we just did our thing, and played a little with them. It was a great way to spend my day. I am so thankful to be able to do stuff like that every once in a while.

And hey, I'm just about done with Christmas cards, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet! Yippee!

Thank you for all the blessings of Christmas, and how it is a season to celebrate 
the greatest gift that I could ever be given.

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