Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 315: On a Dime

I don't really get where the phrase "turn on a dime" came from, but I know what it means. All to well.

Yesterday was a very pleasant day with the crafting and funness. (Yes, funness. I'm sticking by it.) In the evening things began to turn. Enter cold. Then I couldn't find my Sunday school lesson book. Enter fret. This morning I found the lesson book in my Sunday school classroom, and saw that it wasn't a difficult story and I had a good craft put together. Enter relief. Then church, and it was so very encouraging and uplifting and God-glorifying! Enter worship. Back home, and there was sibling rivalry, building sinus pressure headache, and lack of sleep because of last night's frets that showed their ugly faces in my wretched face. Yet another dime turn.

We are fickle people. At least I am. So many things can make emotions and heart conditions turn on a dime- wherever that phrase came from. God's not fickle though. He's unchanging. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is always right, always just, always good, always constant.

He never turns on a dime.

Now I'm going to go Google the phrase's origin.

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