Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 310: Grumps

I went to a meeting this evening with the school board of directors. I've never been to a meeting like this, and I will be honest in that I would prefer never to go to another. it was frustrating to say the least.

I felt patronized. I felt insulted. I felt shocked. I felt outraged. I felt discouraged.

You see, it's been recommended that my daughter's school be closed. It is being kept open this year, but next year it's on the chopping block of major budget cuts in our local school district. the superintendent spoke down to those in attendance assuming that we don't understand the budget crisis.

Yeah we do. We're normal people who, when there is a budget crisis, make immediate cuts to our household budgets and not waste every dime we have and then get forced into cuts. That's where the school district is now.

But I digress...

So I was there at the meeting to show them that I wanted my daughter's school to stay open. In fact, I was among several who couldn't hardly get in the door. The audience was a sea of red representing the Rosedale color.

I left feeling with a major case of the grumps, and a big feeling of helplessness. Questions keep floating around in my mind. All of them boil down to one question: What are we going to do with our children next year for their schooling?

That's a huge question.

I know a bigger God.

Lord give us wisdom in how to best help our children learn.
Lead us and guide us, and keep us held up by your peace.

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