Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 311: Car Sick

I've become slowly more aware of something about myself, and I'm not what has changed to make me this way; but nevertheless, it's happened. I get car sick.

I get car sick. I kind of noticed that I had issues with it after the kids were born, but i never went on that many car trips. So it was never really that much of an issue.

Then we drove to Disneyland. And back.

I did okay on the way down, but I will tell you, on the way back, it was a sad, sad story. I was tired, and I think that added to it. If I'm pretty well rested, then I can do okay, but I was so dizzy that I just laid down in the back seat of our van, and just tried not to throw up.

I learned something on that drive. I learned that I have the most patient husband ever. He just took control of the kids, went with the flow, and got us home as fast as he could. He didn't complain or whine that I was leaving him with all the driving and care for the children. He just did what he had to do while I was feeling nasty.

Wow. I am so blessed.

Thank you for my husband Lord.
He's the best friend I could ever have, and the best teammate ever!

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