Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 277: I finally got to make an appearance...

... at our Bible study.

Okay, maybe the word finally is a little melodramatic, but it felt like it took forever for me to join in. I mean, it was the l o n g e s t week. Well, okay, it felt like the longest week.

Really, though, I'll be reasonable now. To put it simply, I was blessed. I was blessed to be there and sit under my husband's teaching. I was reunited with people who I love, and we were able to laugh and talk about things of the Lord. And it was a great time.

Now I just have to wait two weeks before I can go back because we'll be gone.

Ugh. That's forever!

Thank you Father, for the fellowship of friends. 
May we come together again, to study your Word and bring you glory.

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