Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 274: In which I went to the movies

So a few days ago I saw this movie (trailer above), and I found it to be so encouraging. There was hardly a dry eye in the house, and it is a great challenge out there for men to stand up and be leaders of their homes. To be a godly husband, father and leader truly takes a lot of courage. Every day we are tempted to be less than what God has called us to be, and men have a truly high calling whether it be leading their home, leading at work, or leading the church.

These are challenging times when men are tempted by so many things to take their hearts away from what it right and true. Pornography is way too easily accessed. Promotions are easier to acquire through less than honorable means. Jobs are very demanding. Video games are addicting, and sports are very appealing. All of these things can draw a man's heart away from God and his Word. All of them can sneak into the place of a wife and children.

Families suffer when fathers aren't present or do not lead.

This film brings that to light is a dramatic way, and I am thankful that it was made.

Even more than that, I'm thankful for my husband who is courageous in standing for the truth, leading his family and loving us.

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