Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 273: A Good Day

At the risk of seeming like a moody person, I will say that this has been a very challenging week that has ended just the way I have needed it to. I have been emotionally drained. The weight of Norah's class, and the discouragement from how the cheerleading season were taking their toll.

Yesterday was a very good day for Upward. The girls responded better, and I have some hope that I can help get things going in a better direction.

Friday night I also got to have a date night with my husband, which I will write about later.

Today, was such a nice Sunday. Sunday school was so fun. The kids had a blast with their craft, and it seems like having the high school students teach for the second hour is really starting to get into a groove. From what I could tell, they had a very good morning as well.

Our pastor began a new series in the book of Hebrews, and he gave such an encouraging message, one of his best, about who Christ is. It was truly a blessing to hear Christ preached.

There was a baptism in service, and that will never cease to move me. Whenever I see someone step out in obedience and declare their love for God, it moves me deeply and brings joy to my soul. I love baptism!

I enter into this next week with hope. I needed that so badly. I was getting so worn down and discouraged.

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