Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 275: Second Turnaround

My daughter's classroom needed a turnaround. There was no doubt about that, and the class is on its way to a lesser level of chaos. A huge weight has been lifted off one shoulder.

But one weight remained.

The Upward weight.

Things have been pretty rough for me in this coaching season. I've had difficulty controlling the girls and getting them to listen. Parents haven't been too involved, and it's been a struggle to get them to commit to helping out. It's just been an overall discouraging season, and to be honest, I've been counting down the weeks until it was over.

I sought out some help though. I got some good ideas from some people, and sent an e-mail to parents detailing what I needed to happen at tonight's practice.

Finally. It was a practice that went well. The girls listened, and parents jumped in where I needed them to, and we got so much accomplished.


I needed this second turnaround. A lot.

A lot.

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Jesse and Amy St. John said...

Praying things are going better for you and Norah's school. Hope my mom will be back in a few weeks if all goes well.