Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday!: Pantry Precision

Well, it's time for some graceful confession. How good it is to know that despite our tremendous shortcomings and mishaps, our Heavenly Father loves us! Thanks to MckMama and the blog carnival she created. Visit her blog, and see what others are "not" doing, or simply leave a comment here. I would love to hear what you're "not" doing too (that is, if you're too shy to write a whole post yourself- maybe next time!).

Well, in all seriousness, I wasn't going to write a Not Me! today because I just didn't have much inspiration. Not that I haven't done anything less than graceful in the past week, but I just could think of anything. And then it happened. This morning I saw one lonely brownie in the pan. It was too small for me, and I really wanted to get the dish into the sink so that I could wash it with some other items. So my intentions were good, right? So, because I was being to thoughtful to get my kitchen in order, I would sacrifice my son's nutrition. Not me! He didn't get the last brownie as an appetizer for his breakfast. Nope. He certainly did not.

Then the floodgates opened. I remembered last night. While heating up broccoli in the microwave, I didn't forget about the Parmesan toast under the oven broiler. It didn't burn. No, no, no!

And after rejecting my sweet sister-in-law's invitation to go grocery shopping with her because, "I don't really need anything right now." I didn't run out of bread and margarine making said unburnt toast. No, not me!

I really have a total grasp on what's in my pantry. I know exactly what we need and when, and there are certainly not three bottles of syrup in the back of the bottom shelf. No, not in my cupboard!

Ah, there it is. Just when I thought that I hadn't done anything too bad this week, my memory comes through! I'm so glad I didn't let anyone down. There you have it. Laugh away. My gift of un-gracefulness (?) to you!


Melissa said...

I too have never burned toast under the broiler. I certainly didn't do it twice in a row while toasting bread for bread crumbs at Christmas.

Great-Full Mom said...

Your pantry sounds just like mine. And, I wonder how I end up at the grocery store every single day.
I never burn toast under the broiler either! Especially not when I'm making sandwhiches that way!


Cathy said...

thanks for visiting my blog on Monday! And, yes, it's a small world. Anna and I are just getting to know eachother through church, she is very sweet!

Still can't believe I was link #1! It was totally random that I logged on right then and managed to accomplish that! And, yes, the chicken thing was crazy!