Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 345: The One In Which The Vote Happens

We've been anticipating December 13th for a long time now. Last month I was able to go to a school board meeting and watch as a panel of seven people listened to parents give testimony and try to sway at least four of them to keep my daughter's school open. This month I wasn't at the board meeting, but it was the one we were waiting for. Tonight was the moment of truth.

The vote happened, and in a heart-breaking loss of 3 votes to 4, my daughter's school was closed. Budget cuts are necessary. I know that. All across the country there are boards just like this one, making difficult decisions. I think the last thing a district does is close schools, but it is what it is.

Now we have to make some educational decisions for our kids. We transferred them intentionally into this school, and now we have a lot of things to weigh out, and a lot of questions on what affect closing the school will have on the whole area.

Lord, thank you that school boards aren't sitting on the throne, but you are.

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