Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 336: Travelling Preacher

Today we worshiped with some saints in another town, in another church. Casey was filling the pulpit for a pastor who wanted to be at our church for his granddaughter's baptism. That was a good enough reason to so a swap between the churches, and it was a nice blessing to be among God's people, no matter where they are.

After church, we went to a couple's home that attends the church. What's special about them is that we actually knew them from our first ministry in California. They had moved to Oregon while we still were serving down there, and many years later, our paths crossed. It was very nice to catch up and, in some ways, get to know them. We really didn't get much time to spend with them in the past, and this was probably the most time we had ever spent with them!

It really is a sweet thing to know that God builds his church everywhere, and that no matter how far a distance is laid between believers or how much time, there is still the same Spirit and fellowship in Christ.

Father, thank you for the fellowship of your Spirit bought in full by Jesus Christ. 

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DustyDisciple said...

Kelly, who did you run into this weekend? Was it someone I would remember from Woodland?