Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 340: Ugh.

On Monday I called in to work to see what my hours would be, and I was put on hold to speak to our new general manager. He informed me that I wasn't scheduled until a short work meeting in a few weeks and then for one day at the end of the month. Talk about lame.

So, basically, I've lost my job for the month of December, and no one bothered to warn me or anything. That's unacceptable. I understand the severe and seemingly unreasonable hour cuts. I understand that my boss is in an awful position. I don't accept being kept in the dark though.

My plan was to go in today and speak with this manager, and ask for an explanation for this treatment (nicely, don't worry); but I couldn't because he had a family emergency.

Great. I was on pins and needles, thinking and praying over what I was going to say and how I was going to say it (and I'll be honest, a couple times ranting and chewing him out in my head with no intention of doing it in person because that's rude- but cathartic nonetheless.)

I went in to work anyway to speak with another manager, and ask some questions. I'm really glad I did because both he and one of my co-workers were there. As it turns out, we're all in the same boat of frustration, and bewilderment. We're all asking questions to ourselves of, "What do I do?" We spent time, not griping, but simply sharing burdens. My manager can't pay his mortgage. My co-worker can't help at all in the household bills.

As it turns out, it was pretty encouraging to me. I needed the camaraderie of these dear ones that I have the privilege of working with (um, kind of, if I get to work at all).

I'm still intending to speak with the general manager. That is an important and necessary thing that I should do, but I know that the time will come. In the meantime, I know I'm sustained and provided for by God. He'll never let me down. He'll always help in my time of need.

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