Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good and Bad People

The other night as I was putting Norah to sleep, we began our time of prayer with me asking her what she's thankful for. She replied with a list of toys, and in wanting to direct her thoughts toward being thankful for more than possessions, I asked her who are some nice people that she can thank God for. Two friends were mentioned, and then she said that she was thankful for mom and dad.

But what she said next was what I found interesting. She said, "Mom, sometimes you are bad." Knowing that she was speaking the truth, I humbly answered, "yes," and looked for examples of when I'm bad- like when I lose my temper or get upset. Then we talked about how Norah does the same, but that we both are good sometimes too. We are good because that is a gift from God.

There are two things that I took from this. The first was what we were able to do right then and there. We prayed thanking God for the things that He has given to my daughter that she is thankful for, and then we also took the time to repent of times when we do not bring glory to God in our actions. What a sweet, sweet opportunity I had to instruct my daughter about our need for repentance and forgiveness of sins, and that it is God that we must be reconciled to.

The second was how sad it is that my own daughter was so quick to recognize her mommy's faults. Oh, how I fall short of God's glory! And I need His grace as I strive to raise godly and wise children.

I wrote a poem quite a while ago to remind myself of the important truth that as mothers we reap what we sow. I hope that to those who read this who are mothers, it encourages and challenges you as it does me.

A Mother’s Harvest

A mother reaps what she sows.
What she plants, she will see grow.
The Maker’s grace to show the way,
How to teach the Word every day.
Thro’ the time she gives, the love she shows,
God’s perfect love they will know.
The rod and staff from a mother’s heart,
The Good Shepherd’s law to impart.
So dear mother, keep in mind
Be patient, faithful and kind.
For what a mother sows she reaps,
And what she plants is there for keeps.

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