Saturday, August 30, 2008

Balloons, Bread Baking and Boots

Yesterday we made yet another trip to the store, but this time it was a classic trip. The grocery list: milk, eggs, cheese, flour and bread. We finished our shopping, checked out, and were walking out, and Norah decided that she just had to go to the McDonald's in the grocery store. Her request was denied, and the start of a loud protest began.

Upon exiting the store, we saw that it was "Fill the Boot" time for our local fire department. One of the officers saw my disgruntled daughter and gave her a handful of balloons to blow up and some stickers.

Mood change.

When we arrived home I realized that we had forgotten bread. So rather than go back to the store, I figured that I would just make some.

So after blowing up a couple balloons, I began making homemade bread. The balloons occupied the kids for most of the time, and because I actually remembered the flour that we needed, I was able to bake bread despite forgetting the needed item.

What a blessing it was for the kind-hearted firefighter to give balloons to my grumpy child, halting her fit and allowing for entertainment for both brother and sister to enjoy while mommy baked! And just think, if I hadn't forgotten bread, then we wouldn't have the fresh, homemade bread that we enjoy right now.

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