Monday, May 24, 2010

That Wasn't So Hard!

After feeling a bit overwhelmed by Haddon's upcoming evaluation, the Lord truly provided in many ways:

1. He allowed for Casey to go up with me by stirring my sister-in-law's heart to offer to take our daughter for the day while we both went up to Portland. This ended up being a much needed gesture, and I didn't even know it! We hit some pretty big traffic jams on the way up, and were a bit late. We also had to figure out which building we needed to be in as the medical center where we were going was very large! Two heads were way better than one frazzled one!

2. He opened up the ears of the panel of 5 specialists we dealt with that day. They were able to delight in and enjoy our son as well.

3. Because they listened, and because I know that prayers were with us that day, they didn't feel comfortable labeling our son with autism. This is a great praise. It's something that we will continue to look at depending on Haddon's growth is areas of concern, but one of our biggest fears was the tendency to want to just put a label on children.

4. Casey, Haddon and I got to spend a good portion of that day together, just the three of us. That is something that doesn't happen too much, and it seems like, though he was worn out, Haddon really liked having mommy and daddy all to himself.

All in all, there wasn't anything discovered that we don't already know about our son. One of the reasons to have this particular evaluation was to work with insurance in getting referrals necessary to get the help that we feel our son needs. Something that was kind of interesting was the order that one doctor put in for a blood test to be done for Haddon. She wanted to cover all the bases by screening him to make sure there are no chromosomal issues. This isn't something that worries us or bothers us- it's just interesting, and we'll see how that goes when the time comes.

So, praise be to God that it wasn't so hard! He always provides perfectly, and by His grace we'll continue to be given the wisdom in how to help our sweet boy. We truly love him just the way he is, and we will do everything we can to help him grow and learn.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for us as we are advocates for our boy.

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Sweet Mama Jame said...

God is good. All the time.