Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Night Out I Don't Get

I'm interrupting my anniversary countdown because I was very blessed last night to be able to go to a Ladies Night Out at church. In typical women's ministry manner, the tables were decorated, and everything was done up in a ways that only women can do. There were announcements of upcoming events and a time of worship through song- even a brief time of exercise to burn off calories we consumed in the Fiesta Dip! And, of course, there was a time of teaching and encouragement through the Word.

Besides the message being practically tailor maid for me in my current circumstances, it was so nice just to get out away from the house and the kiddos. My husband graciously made dinner for himself and the kids, and got them to bed on his own.

And I was also able to have my sweet sister-in-law come with me. I haven't had nearly as much opportunity to bond with her as I have with my other sister-in-law. And this was so nice. I told her that we will have to have a monthly standing date together! I am so grateful for Kari being a part of my family, and truly enjoy any time I get to have with her.

I hope the time was encouraging for her too as both of our husbands are out of work, and it is a sometimes stressful time for us and our families and we try to adjust and trust in God's faithfulness in the present and future.

So I am very grateful for a night out that I don't usually get.

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