Thursday, January 22, 2009

Countdown to 6- Year Four

So, the fourth year of our marriage looks like a child's fingerpainting: God's fingerprints were all over it!

2006 started with us living with parents, Casey working a part-time job, and me just trying to balance the demands of a young little girl with the demands of a growing baby inside. It was a hard pregnancy for two reasons: 1) I have diabetes, so especially when pregnant, diet is a huge issue, and 2) I WAS JUST PREGNANT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Seriously, my body had not recovered fully. And as the little boy inside grew and grew, so did I.

I remember one night in the living room, when my father-in-law was across the room, and I turned at a certain angle. In his astonishment, and cried, "Whoa! You're just all out there!" I said, "Huh?" He went on to explain that he just hadn't noticed how all my pregnancy was all belly- sticking way out! Thanks dad. Like I didn't know!

Oh well.

We visited Grand Junction in the beginning of May. On Mother's Day, at 13 months, Norah walked in the living room of the senior pastor. Casey was in the other room interviewing/meeting with the elders, and I wanted to call him in to watch. I was glad that they let him come witness that.

Time went on, and it was clear that we should go to Colorado. Everything seemed to be the right fit, and we looked forward to moving. We just had to wait for Haddon to be born.

Well, he came, and he came early. I had already set it up so that we were on the Oregon Health Plan for the last month of the pregnancy since ours ended right before our son was due. Wow! Was it God's providence that happened!

Haddon was born July 2, 2006, about three and a half weeks early, and he was a big guy. Weighing in at 8 pounds 13 ounces, I was a little stunned (but not at the same time, because I really was BIG!), and what added to my surprise was that an ultrasound two days earlier measured him at about 6 pounds! Ha! That's a joke!

After being taken away, Haddon stayed in the NICU for five days getting weaned off higher glucose levels and trying to get a sucking reflex. Praise the Lord he was safe and we didn't have to pay a dime!

After God provided a home, we moved to a new life and ministry as a new family of four. We were welcomed. We were cared for. We were loved.

(The move exhausted Norah.)

But as we would know pretty soon, it just wasn't the right fit. God had a lot of work to do, and looking back on what He did blesses me, as I hope it does you.

(This is a view in Ouray, Colorado where a couple sent us on a one-night getaway for our anniversary.)

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