Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Praying for America

This is my prayer for the people of the United States today:

Father, I know that you are the Author of Time and that you are in control of all things. Lord, may today's election results bring you glory. May the course of America as a nation bring you glory.

We have sinned, God. The citizens of this nation have been greedy, increasing debt, not giving to the needy, and squandering your riches of freedom. Forgive us Father. We have turned away from your holy face and not accepted your grace. We do no uphold life. We do not uphold the joys and freedoms that you have blessed us with. Be gracious to us, dear God and forgive us. Have mercy on us.

May your will be done today as people vote. No matter what the outcome, I will praise you, for you have already written history. You work all things for the good of those you have called. All things are in Your righteous hands, and in that I will rejoice today.


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