Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lute Family Wrestling Hour

Every night at 7:00 it is my goal to start unwinding. It is at that time that the kids get a cup of milk and are supposed to settle in to a more relaxing mode before bedtime at 8:00.

But that hasn't been the case in our home for the past week or so.

Seven o'clock hits, and it's: ARE YOU READY TO RUUMMBBLLEEE!

All eight of the couch toss pillows are out. The children are stripped to just a diaper or undies- whatever the case may be- and it's time to play! Norah will throw a pillow at her father. Haddon tries to tackle me. Things get downright silly in our living room. They jump on the couches and ask my husband and I to "get them." Norah wants to dance, be thrown in the air, or something of the sort.

As a mom who likes to have the kids in bed at eight, I was a little rattled by this new development, but as it turns out, they will still go to bed at eight or soon thereafter. It's just that before then, we get to goof around and laugh and be silly.

I am blessed by this. It's not long that children want mom and dad to tackle and play with them. And it's not for long that mom and dad can do that without getting too injured! (There's only so much damage a 2 and 3 year-old can do!) So I embrace the Lute Family Wrestling Hour. From seven o'clock until eight o'clock each evening, it's family time. A time to just play and have fun with each other. That's important, and I will happily continue the ruckus.

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