Friday, October 10, 2008

Jesus Takes Care of Us

Today I got discouraged. For a moment, I was in fear of things working out and coming together like they should or need to. I was fearful of what is coming and how everything will work out and how it will affect my children. Today I had a time where I didn't trust the Living God, and that is sin.

In my moment of sin, the tears came, and I made my little girl upset. She saw her mommy lose it, and that is unsettling. I remember what my mom was to me- a rock- and if that rock ever cracked, a piece of my universe went into chaos. I am my daughter's rock, and I let her universe turn to chaos.

So, I took her in my arms and had her look me straight in the eyes. "Norah," I said. "Mommy and Daddy have a lot of things to work out to take care of our family, and sometimes we have a hard time." I went on to explain that no matter how many things are different or how things will change, we will always lover her and take care of her.

And then I found myself speaking this profound truth, "And you know who takes care of mommy and daddy and you and Haddon? Jesus takes care of us."

The smile on my daughter's face was a joy and brought conviction. Here I was speaking this great truth, that His grace is sufficient. He provides for the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, and I was in fear?! Oh, why was I downcast? What do I have to fear when my God is bigger than anything that I or my family faces?!

In speaking truth to my child, I was reminded that I am His child, and He will take care of me.

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