Friday, October 24, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Crunchy Cordates

Yesterday our doorbell rang, and there was Norma, our next door neighbor. Norma is an older woman, a widow, and is as sweet as can be to both Norah and Haddon. Whenever she is outside, our little ones love to greet her. In Norma's hands was a plate of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.

"Here Norah," she said. "These are for you. Thank you for helping me pick up my leaves."

Shyly my daughter accepted the gift, and said a quiet, "Thank you."

The day before, we had quite a few leaves fall off of the trees on our property due to heavier winds. So Norah and I were outside raking and stuffing the heart-shaped aspen leaves (cordates) into big black trash bags.

I saw Norma bending down and picking up her leaves, and noticed that she was getting winded. So we went over and started helping her, since ours were mostly picked up. After helping a bit, I had to get back to some sweeping (the dry leaves had left leaf-crumbs all over the walkway and part of the driveway), and I left Norah with her pal.

Norah scooped up leaves, and with the help of her brother, they helped dear Norma get her job done. They both even dragged the full bags of leaves to the side of her house!

I was so grateful for Norah's help. She made picking up our leaves more enjoyable for myself, but not only that, she was willing to help our neighbor. I was blessed to see that my little girl was a little light in someone's day. We don't always get a thank-you for service. Nor do we always see a reward in this world, but my little girl got to enjoy a plate of homemade cookies from a seasoned grandma- a treat she doesn't get often because we are far from grandmas and grandpas!

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