Thursday, August 4, 2011

Days 212-214: Vacation

Every summer, or at least for the last several summers, my husband's folks invite all the families on a vacation in eastern Oregon. We all pile into our separate cars and pack a ghastly amount of things that are essential to the comfort and sanity for parents and grandparents of young children. Then we spend a certain number of days swimming, riding bikes, and taking walks. Evenings are filled with battling children to go to bed, and card games.

This year was no different. It was nice to get away and spend time with people we love.

Where we live it is a lush valley full of green as far as you can see, and on the other side of the mountains, in the high deserts of eastern Oregon, lies a different sort of beauty, of lodge pole pines, and sage brush. I watched three deer lie in the shade of a tree, and a quail perch on a branch in the heat. Lizards darted in between rocks, and a chipmunk scampered around in the bark dust. Oregon has a very interesting geography that creates such unique and interesting changes in the land. I always take joy in the marvelous way God has constructed the landscape.

I think that's what I enjoyed most this year. I just really loved being reminded of the magnificent way that God has made Oregon, and it's just a delight to my heart to see all the wonders within such a short distance.

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