Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me My Child! Monday!

It's a Not Me! Monday with a twist. The Not Me! blog carnival was invented by MckMama. Click on over to her blog and see what others are not doing... or what other children are not doing!

Anyhow, as a mom of two there have been some wonderful moments full of laughter and fun, and there have been those other times... I will tell you. We're certainly not in one of those other times now. Oh no.

Since returning from vacation our children have completely adjusted perfectly to the routine of being home. Never, ever would we have a night when both children would get out of bed several times, not caring what the consequence was, but outright defying what they have been trained not to do... not my children!

Oh, and for our oldest, a pattern of bad behavior around bedtime would never continue for more than one night. Not my child!

No, it would not continue. It would certainly not go on for 3 nights... uh, or 5 nights.... or 7 nights.... most certainly not 9 nights of disobedience! Such stubbornness would never be in my child's heart. No, no, no! Not my child!

She most certainly isn't on her second day without certain privileges like, t.v, sweets, or games(because the anty hasn't had to be raised up and up). Nope. Remember, she hasn't behaved badly every night for the last nine nights since being home from vacation, right? Not my child!

So yeah, thank goodness, that we have had such smooth bedtimes because it might be a little discouraging if it were different.

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