Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rim Rock Annie's Quilt

This weekend we had the privilege of meeting several saints at a local church in Bremerton, WA. But there is one saint that we were unable to meet, for she went to be with the Lord a week ago today. The folks we met had heavy hearts, filled with hope over the loss of their dear Annie.

One gentleman handed my husband and I a copy of an autobiography by this departed friend, and we gladly accepted it. It was a short book; a very quick read, but on the pages revealed the life's story of a woman who faced difficult challenges and learned many valuable lessons along her life's journey. Never have I read in such detail some of the personal hardships members of the "Greatest Generation" faced during the Great Depression, and it was a blessing to see the grace of God on her life to overcome the temptations she must have felt to be bitter or angry, allowing those emotions to overwhelm her life and take her captive.

Mrs. Carriere writes, The kaleidoscope of patterns that the Lord has built into the beautiful quilt blocks of my life are according to His plans. The knots He uses are tight, and make a "Comforting Quilt" of my life for others.

That is a beautiful testimony! I am thankful that I was able to read about this lovely person, who I could tell had touched the lives of so many. I look forward to meeting her in glory, as I was a week too late here in time.

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