Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday: The General Mishaps as of Late

Welcome to Not Me! Monday, a fun blog carnival created by MckMama. Head over to her blog and see what others "aren't" doing this week!

Well, since it's been so long since we have had this fun business as usual, you would think that my mind would be full of mishaps... but I'm quite blank today.

In fact, I really haven't been thinking off and on since last night about what in the world I have done that could possibly be silly or funny. That in itself would be ridiculous as I have better things to do with my time and mind. Yeah, not me!

As we prepared for this weekend's trip us to Bremerton, Washington for my husband to fill the pulpit and candidate, I certainly didn't fret over what to wear to church. No. I wouldn't do that. I wasn't concerned about my age, and the idea of being a possible senior pastor's wife at 28. I wasn't concerned at all about what I should wear and if I would offend anyone by simply not wearing pantyhose. Not me!

And of course when we took off on Saturday morning to hit the road, I certainly didn't leave my house at any way in disarray. Not, it was spotless. My son didn't pull out several DVD's, yank out the sleeve cover thingies, and leave them on the floor. I didn't leave a dish soaking. And I certainly wouldn't look over our beds being left unmade. Nope. Not me!

As we dropped our children off at my mother's home, I didn't feel bad at all about leaving them. Especially since they didn't stand pathetically outside the garage waving good-bye to mom and dad. No, not me! I have a heart of stone.... uh...

I didn't eat only mashed potatoes and gravy from Church's Chicken because I felt to car sick. No. That wouldn't be the best healthy food choice. Not me!

Anyway, upon arriving at our hotel in Bremerton, I certainly wasn't car sick still and probably such poor company for my husband, especially since we hardly ever get away alone. No, I always take advantage of those precious times because my feelings never get in the way of having a good time... uh, yeah, not me, really! Because like I said, I wasn't car sick at all!!!

When we saw our room at the hotel, my first thought wasn't, "Goodness! This room is decorated better than my house!" And I certainly didn't take mental notes as tips for home decor. No. Not me!

This morning, when we woke up at home, I certainly wasn't so sleepy that I barely caught my son grabbing a cookie that my mother baked and sent home with us. Knowing that my children spent most of two days with said grandmother probably eating all sorts of sugary and unhealthy foods, I didn't just let Haddon have a cookie as a precursor to breakfast, and certainly not two! Nope. I didn't have one either. Not me!

Whew! That felt good! Join the fun... what did you NOT do this week?

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