Monday, April 20, 2009

Re-Thinking Miracles

I have been thinking a lot about miracles lately. This is easy to do when we just came out of the Easter season, in which we celebrate the greatest miracle of all! Yes He is risen; He is risen indeed!

But beyond what we typically think of as miracles, like changing water to wine and feeding over 5000 people with a few loaves and fishes, and yes, raising from the dead, I have been thinking about the other miracles that I am seeing in the lives of others.

Stellan is a sweet baby, and thousands and thousands of people are praying for the healing of this little one's heart. He has been in the hospital for nearly a month now, and his family is still giving God glory. They still have peace and joy.

Just this April, would have been Audrey Caroline's first birthday. She was only in this world for about 2 hours. Her mother carried her to term, and delivered her knowing that God would take her baby home shortly thereafter. Since hearing the news of their baby's medical condition, her family blessed the Lord and trusted in His sovereignty. The pain is still there, and the longing for that precious child lost is still there. But there is unspeakable joy there as well.

Personal friends of mine have recently suffered from broken marriages, and yet there is peace, and a perspective that is higher than human thoughts. Healing, forgiveness, brokenness, and incredible trust are things that these ladies have experienced in these days. Through the pain, there is joy in the sanctifying work of Christ.

I could list other testimonies from people, but you can see that pattern, right? Just this Sunday a pastor defined a miracle as, "... an occurrence at once above nature and above man."

I would dare to list the reactions of these believers to the tremendous trials as miraculous. The joy is beyond the human capabilities with such hurt. The peace is truly peace that passes all understanding. The joy isn't found in the suffering, but in the God who is sovereign in the suffering.

God is working miracles in the hearts of His people as they face suffering.

So, I'm re-thinking miracles. Miraculous is a martyr singing praises and praying as they are crucified, burned, or tortured. Miraculous is a missionary sacrificing her body to protect the purity of other women in a small African village. Miraculous is a Chinese believer facing death with joy because they will not reject Christ. Miraculous is a monk standing before authorities and not recanting the truth of Scripture. Miraculous is the ability to bless God and rejoice in Him when all things are against you.

Our human hearts cannot do that on our own.

Oh, that the God of Grace work such a miracle in my heart if He blesses me with the opportunity!

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