Thursday, December 4, 2008

Super Why

This morning I was watching a little of the programming on PBS with my children. On the line-up is Super Why. The show is about four characters that turn into sort of "super heroes" to solve problems. The show is really a great learning tool, introducing children to reading, writing, and letter sounds. It's one that I'm glad my children like.

The plot lines of Super Why are generally the same. We enter Storybook Village with "Wyatt" (who turns into Super Why, with the power to READ!), and we encounter a problem. Wyatt calls all the Super Readers to action to solve the problem. Using a storybook, they find Super Letters to find the answer to the problem.

Before getting into solving mode, the Readers gather together and ask the children viewing, "What do we do when we have a problem? We look in a book!"

It never really dawned on me before- the profundity of that statement- at least for Christians. What do we do when we have a problem? Where do we look for a solution? We look in THE Book. Our own ideas, our own wisdom, our own friends or family don't have the answers. God's Word does.

At a time when we have a lot of things to figure out and decisions to make that will hopefully be the right ones, I know that my husband and I need to depend on the Good Book for the solutions to the problems that face us. It is the only true wisdom that can guide us, and show us truth.

That's the everyday grace I see today. I live in a land that still allows me to own a Bible. I can read the very words of God Most High and know the wisdom that can only come from Him. Let me not forget the value of reading that Book.

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candace said...

:) Thanks for sharing your heart. Cade watched that this morning too:)