Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mi Tortilla es Su Tortilla

Today my daughter wanted a snack, and for some reason, a tortilla was going to hit her hunger spot. So I sent her off with a simple, cold tortilla, and what happened next was just sweet.

"Look Haddon. Here," Norah said as she handed the tortilla to her brother after taking a bite for herself.

Haddon bites. Norah bites. Haddon bites... and on it goes until the tortilla is consumed.

How nice it was to see big sister share with her little brother, and for little brother to not panic if something was taking away for big sister to have a turn.

Nibble by nibble, bite by bite, my children lived out sharing. It made me smile.

1 comment:

Elissa said...

I have to laugh at the tortilla snack. For some reason Ellie thinks that a cold tortilla is a good snack for her too. =)

Good job for your little ones to share!!