Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Friend Becca

We are coming up on our two-year anniversary of being in Grand Junction, Colorado. Since moving here, we have face many trials and have experienced new ways that God blesses us. One way that God continues to bless me is with the church.

When you live far from family and folks that you have known for years, only the body of Christ can fill in a gap like that- at at least come close! We have celebrated Thanksgiving in others' homes, and welcomed others into our home. We celebrate birthdays, and minister alongside dear members of the body. How sweet it is to recognize the church as a family!

One person that has been an immeasurable blessing is my friend Becca. As fellow stay-at-home mom, she and I can relate to one another. We can call each other during some of those long days, and make each other smile. We can laugh at the funny things that happen in the day-to-day, wonderful grind that is motherhood.

She has a heart for youth ministry, and it is easy to share with her the challenges that I face as I work with young people. Our children are similar ages, and they love to play together. She is an example to me and challenges me as I watch her raise her three young children in a God-glorifying way.

So I am thankful for Becca. Having a simple conversation with her can brighten my day, keep me sane, and bless me as we share about the truths of Scripture and the joys of walking with the Lord. She is one of the everyday blessings that God has given me, and I praise Him for the work that He has done in my life as a result of her friendship.

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