Thursday, May 22, 2008

Speaking Victories

Our son Haddon began speech therapy about 6 weeks ago. At about 18 months, I started to feel a little concerned that he wasn't quite where he should be as far as verbalization. He could say things, but didn't use words to communicate his wants or needs- he wasn't even calling me "momma" or his dad "dadda". So at his check-up, the doctor recommended having his hearing checked and potentially beginning some evaluations.

After passing his hearing tests and being evaluated in a 2-hour long play evaluation, it was recommended that he begin speech therapy for his speech delay.

So we began seeing Kathy, and Haddon took to her immediately. And every time we have gone, I have seen a breakthrough. But yesterday was especially sweet to me, as I was blessed to see him accomplish two victories in his speech development.

The first came as he was playing with a puzzle of animals. So of course we're telling Haddon what the animals are and what sounds they make. He has only made a few attempts at making animal noises- never a doggy. But yesterday, without hesitation, my son said, "Woo-woof!"

What a sweet moment it is to see your child claim the littlest victory over something they struggle with! As a mom, I'm fighting with my son to help him "catch up" to others his own age. And slowly, I am seeing progress.

The second victory was another sweet one. As Haddon goes down a slide or a toy car, we would say, "Ready... Set... Go!" So on that cue, of "ready", Haddon began to make the s-sound for "set", and then a clear "GO!" It was wonderful! Even when he got home, and dad practiced the phrase with him, he continued to pronounce "go" well, and make that s-sound.

To some this may seem too simple. Haddon made a dog noise, and the word go. But to us, as we have worked and prayed with him so that he can develop communication skills, barking like a dog, and responding to a cue are victories for our little boy. It is a gift given from above confirming the efforts we've made and the trust that we've put in those that know more about speech development than us.

I praise the Lord because he has created my son as an individual with strengths and weaknesses. And I am humbled because as his mommy, I am charged with the task of discipling and instructing this little one- in the way he should go (Proverbs 22:6). Our Maker has given this little boy a victory, and the glory belongs to Him. I am thankful. Haddon is on his way- he'll be talking my ear off in His time!

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Anonymous said...

He's taking after his uncle! I'm so proud. Your right though, he will be talking your ear off sooner than you know it, just like I did. Except, I talked a lot before anyone could understand me. Anyways, great blog.