Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me! Monday!: Of Dishes, Laundry and Batteries

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! a blog carnival created by MckMama. This is a chance to be humble, laugh at the silly things that we do, and live to tell about it! You can visit MckMama's blog to see what others are not doing this week... and maybe you'll be inspired to join the fun!

One thing that people will be pleased to know about me is how meticulous I am with keeping my sink free of dirty dishes. I mean, that's very important, right? For instance, this last week when I made a pork roast, I certainly did not leave the crockpot in the sink overnight. No. I wouldn't do that because that would be gross- especially when the next morning you find that everything left in the crockpot would be solid fat and grease with chunks of pork something-rather in it. Not me!

Also, I keep track of when I run the dishwasher. In the past couple weeks, I would never have to really think hard about whether I ran the dishwasher or not. Not me! Furthermore, my husband would never have to ask if the dishwasher was clean or dirty because when I do run the it I immediately empty it, right? RIGHT?!

Yes, I keep a close watch over the affairs in the house. That is why laundry did not sit unfolded for approximately 3 days, and my son did not chew on AA batteries so many times that the label started coming off. My son also didn't unroll a practically brand new roll of toilet paper, and the laundry hamper is not just about overflowing again. No way. Not me!

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Heidi said...


I could write a NMM post for everyday of the week with all of the housework mishaps around here!

Blessings to you,